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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or a V.A.) is someone who completes work on your behalf and is usually home based. They utilise computers, faxes, the telephone, E-mails and The Internet to do your work virtually without the need to even meet you personally.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

As a Virtual Assistant can work with anyone around the globe you can still have your work completed in an efficient, cost effective manner in the quickest time frame possible. This outsourcing can let you focus on the more important issues such as growing your business and allowing you more time to spend with your loved ones.

It is also a very cost effective alternative as you do not require to pay for any overheads such as furniture, office space, annual and sick leave, leave loading, long service or any meal breaks. You only pay for the time worked – not idle time. Just refer to our table on the home page to show you the costs you save by utilising a V.A.

Why utilise Sheryls Typing Services?

Sheryls Typing Services has many years experience in the secretarial and administration files and in particular general and medical transcription. Our typists are so efficient and accurate we guarantee our work (any errors made on our behalf will be rectified at no additional cost).

We are also a very cost effective alternative for any business – small, medium or large – we can cater for any job – big or small!

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